Automatic Sliding Gates in India

Automatic Sliding Gates in India

Nihva Technologies Pvt ltd includes a wide range of Sliding Gates
like :
1) Cantilever Sliding Gates
2) Telescopic Sliding Gates
3) Swing Gates

Sliding Gates

1. These doors work on a simple but effective sliding mechanism
2. Test the graduated steel are used for making these doors and so the door is strong to protect your premises from unauthorized access.
3. Nihva Technologies Pvt Ltd. automatic sliding doors are completely personalized and come in different models
4. Robust electric motor and advanced intelligent control
5. Process own design and manufacturing in-house.
6. upper and lower rollers of high quality CNC finishing
7. Heavy and a smooth operation load training
8. Intelligent electrical devices eliminate the manual operation of the door.
9. Electric sliding doors ensure a completely safe environment with electrical locks
10. Commands available at any time to stop while the door moves
11. Other safety features guarantee highest safety standards doors
12. Automatic sliding doors are smooth, light and silent
13. It is widely used and is a cost-effective option.
14. These doors are available in single and double panels.
15. Floor rail made of polished light strip are secured with heavy I-beam.
16. Nylon guide rollers with bearings for proper operation.
17. Placed at each stop end rail that keeps the gate open or closed and takes any shock
18. The vertical safety edge can be installed to protect against damage or injury during an accident
19. Motorized sliding doors are built with the side door type wing doors and for pedestrians
20. Grid galvanized to the net fixed and the pinion on the motor winds the open and closed gate
21. Electromechanical geared motors from 400 to 5000 kg for heavy duty applications

Cantilever Sliding Gates

Being a trendsetter, we realize the need of our customers and focus on providing them an improved product in the league of automated entrance system. With this goal Nihva Technologies Pvt ltd comes out with an improvised solution called automated cantilever sliding gates which are a new value added product in the range of standard sliding gates.

Cantilever sliding gates have better operation, functioning and looks due to its modern technology and improved reverse motion mechanism. These gates are introduced with an aim to overcome the shortcomings of standard sliding gates and grow in terms of new trend & modern technology.

Our Cantilever Sliding Gates are supported on only one end, the roadway is free of track & supported by rollers which slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate.

Supported at one end and held inches above the ground surface, they are the perfect solution where the road ways are uneven or where no obstruction is required on the ground as you do not need to do uphill struggle to do the civil foundation.

1. Own design and manufacturing process
2. Different styles and designs are according to individual requirement.
3. Test graduated steel are used for the manufacture of these doors and so the door is strongly protect your premises from unauthorized access.
4. Imported high quality cantilever casters and top / bottom
5. The rugged electric motor and controls stop at any time while the door moves.
6. No trace on the ground and no danger lane changes because of the climate of the bend.
7. No risk of wear or bending due to the passage of trucks or heavy vehicles.
8. Our automatic sliding doors Cantilever are virtually maintenance-free as there is no accumulation of dust and water on the track.
9. These types of doors in cantilever sliding doors can be easily installed on an unsterilized floor, or perfectly horizontally.
10. Available with side wing doors and built for pedestrians.
11. Electromechanical gear motors: 400 heavy duty applications up to 5000kg.

Telescopic Sliding Gates

In situations where a single side sliding arrangement to install the conventional sliding gates is not possible due to very less or no run-back, Telescopic sliding gate system is the perfect solution for extra wide opening areas.

They are manufactured in two, three or more gate panels and therefore reduce the required back run/parking space. With multiple leaves moving simultaneous, the opening speed/travelling speed of the gate increases drastically.

Each leaf of the telescopic gate moves at a different speed so that the final position is reached simultaneously, operated by specially design telescopic mechanism.

The telescopic gates are manufactured as to specific site requirements; they are suitable for medium to heavy duty applications.

Features :
1. The telescopic gates suitable for very large openings
2. Perfect for places where there is little or no return / parking
3. Modern design and robust design.
4. In the telescopic barriers, the partial opening can be performed easily
5. High speed of opening and closing with respect to other sliding doors
6. Trouble-free operation
7. Telescopic portals provide a long life with minimal maintenance.
8. Available with side panels for pedestrian use.
9. Electromechanical gear motors range: 400 for heavy duty to 5000kg.

Swing Gates

Spaces where driveway access is critical Nihva Technologies Pvt ltd swing gates are the ideal alternatives. These are probably the most popular & widely used of all, as they present well and are very functional. They are ideal where.

The gates can be designed to swing either inward or outward.

We manufacture a precision range of automatic swing gates in different compact designs, tolerances which are extremely easy to install.

These are provided with self-locking electromechanical operator and specifically designed to suit all architectural designs

ideally our all automatic swing gates are set up on a structural metal frame; good quality pivots (hinges) or wheels

1. Our automatic revolving doors are designed to work even in the most difficult conditions.
2. Our doors are provided with upper and lower swinging mechanism which is simple and reliable to use
3. The dust actuation mechanism increases the life of the corner
4. Easy to install the operator.
5. Our doors have no problem with sagging / bending
6. Work powerful, elegant and fast
7. The drive arm with its anti-shear form makes it possible to move the sheets safely.
8. New mechanical solutions guarantee the longevity and quality of its product
9. Manual break with individual key
10. Available with side folding barriers for pedestrian use.
11. Locking device with all screws and fall tower
12. The vertical safety edge can be incorporated to provide protection in the event of accidents.