RR 355

RR 355

Flexible High Performance Door, opening in vertical direction for interior and exterior use.

The high performance RapidRoll 355 is a combination of leading technology and modern industrial design. The door is characterized with exceptional wind resistance due to a stable curtain tension system and wind tabs in the side frames. RapidRoll 355 offers all-round safety assured through:

  • Pre-run safety photocell and door line photocell for touchless protection of people and goods
  • Minimizing damages at collisions through the self-repairing knockout capability integrated in the bottom profile
  • Good wind resistance by curtain tensioning and windbreak tabs in the side frames
  • Alternative door curtain of clear PVC or RollTex Plus


  • Interior or exterior door between two factory areas
  • Fully automated robot operations
  • Automated transport systems


The side frames of the door are made of extruded anodized aluminum. The self-supporting side frames must be fixed only on the head- and the base plates on each side. To service the door, the front plate of the side frame can easily be opened or refitted. The bottom profile and the top roll are made of aluminum too. As standard the bottom profile has a knockout capability.

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