The next generation of NIHVA – ASSAABLOY Overhead Sectional doors
Modern, robust and flexible the new Crawford OH1024F from NIHVA-ASSAABLOY entrance systems is designed to keep your business moving for all duties and in all weathers filled with innovation and superbly well insulted this rugged attractive overhead sectional doors gives you the highest number of options at the lowest possible running cost. It’s the perfect choice for warehouses, logistics centers and all kinds of business premises. Each part of the Crawford OH1042F overhead sectional door is built to the highest standards , wind resistance reinforced panels, joint designed for better load distribution and butyl sealing with unbroken cornors for maximum tightness all add up to a door that looks better and performs longer .
Choosing from nine standard outdoor colors or your own factory painted color for both the inside and outside. Avaliable with different sizes, panels, window configurations, locks, handles and pass doors the Crawford OH1042F Overhead sectional door is perfectly suited to every kind of industrial need. Fully Glazed Overhead Sectional Door for Max Visibility
The Crawford OH1042FG overhead sectional doors are fully glazed door, designed to be used where need for maximum light, exposure, or vision.
Up to 3300mm each aluminium frame is glazed with one single pane of single or double hardened glass. Larger doors up to 5500mm only use two panes of hardened glass. This ensures a maximum of light and view, inside out and vice versa. Especially showrooms, where maximum visibility is important, benefit from this design feature. The sleek design of the Crawford OH1042FG panels gives a high class presentation next to this high light admission. All in all a state of the art design that fits perfectly in modern building & showrooms.

Overhead sectional door/sectional doors are fully glazed door, designed to be used when there is need for maximum light, exposure, or vision, 44mm thick.

  • Up to 3300 mm each Al frame is glazed with one single pane of single or double hardened glass
  • Integrated finger pinch protection
  • Top, bottom and side seals and seals between door sections
  • High Lift/Vertical track system in galvanized steel
  • Spring balancing, 20,000 cycles
  • Spring break device
  • Lock bolt, step-handle

Compliance with all operational and safety instructions in EU Directives and the standards of the European Standardization Committee (CEN)
Operating system: Electric Wind load (EN 12424) - Class 3 (700 N/m²)
Thermal transmittance (EN 12428) – 6 W / (m² K) Water penetration (EN 12425) - Class 3, 70 PA
Air permeability (EN 12426) - Class 3