rugged never looked so refined

  • sturdy, heavy duty and reliable for large openings , in harsh environments
  • albany door systems' ultrabig m&i re-coil-away,
  • "the world's toughest high speed rubber door", is designed for door openings over 30' x 30'.
  • this big and tough door provides dependable performance in the most rugged industrial applications.
  • the heavy duty side frames, thick rubber curtain and patented windlok design form a near airtight seal and can resist extreme wind pressures
  • theultrabig m&i is designed to last. it is durable, safe, low cost to maintain and can take a hit
  • our high speed rubber doors offer dependable performance in any application - be it a harsh industrial environment, a busy manufacturing facility or a sophisticated commercial building. the breakaway feature means this door can withstand accidental impact, and can be easily repaired with the simple push of a button.