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dock shelter

Dock shelter is mainly used in situations where an optimalsealing isrequired, and in which large differences in vehicle size apply. furthermore the dock shelter is well-suited to serve as a drivethrough shelter.
Dock shelter front projection model consists of a stableconstruction with an anodised and extruded aluminium front frame anda hot-galvanized steel rear frame. the solid and rigid constructionprovides an optimal strength during side loading, ensuring that thebottom sections do not deflect outwards.
The frames are connected by means of hinged arms. these ensure that the dock shelter can retract in the event of inaccuratedocking, to prevent damage to the dock shelter and vehicle. inretracted position the vehicle – at the location of the top curtain remains accessible for loading and unloading while using internal transportation means.
The front projection is closed by means of a continuous projectioncover made from one single piece of material. as such any chinksbetween the attachments at the dock shelter sides and top side can beprevented, meaning draught or leakage will not apply. the positioningand form (integrated drainage at the top side) of the continuous projection cover ensure optimal drainage. rain water is drained offfrom the dock shelter side. this ensures that no water will enter thedoor opening during loading and unloading, as such goods andproducts will be protected.
Due to the intensive working load of the curtain material, a high qualityof tear and wear resistance is applicable. the curtains can be deliveredin various models.


  • Optimum aesthetic finish
  • Robust flaps made of durable material
  • Continuous projection cover prevents leakage
  • Lateral drainage
  • Stiffness in lateral load