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NIHVA Telescopic Conveyors

NIHVA telescopic conveyor – NIHVA designed the customized telescopic conveyor according to you required weight and speed to improve both productivity and the work environment NIHVA telescopic belt conveyor is an effective and ergonomic alternative to labor-intensive routines. NIHVA telescopic belt conveyors can be used to load/unload any type of loose-loaded cargo - typically parcels boxes, bags, loose items, sacks, tires and so many variety of material.

NIHVA telescopic conveyors in india features

  • Can be customized as per application
  • Considered maximum safety
  • Side panel, boom support,
  • Belt speed 30m per minute
  • Extends up to 15m
  • Push button controls
  • Ideal for boxes, bags, totes and loose items
  • Reversible belt direction
  • Front led lighting as standard
  • Emergency stops in three positions
  • Soft start motor and belt
  • Variety of models and options available NIHVA telescopic conveyor benefits:
  • Save human efforts by minimizing manual handling
  • Save time
  • Low energy cost
  • Design based on safety and easy operat