Prevention is better than cure is an old philosophical statement but very true in all aspects of our life. any engineering solution is viable for the user until it is working without any glitches and provides trouble free operation. as a matter of fact the solution should be such a part of an operation that it should be noticed only if it fails to perform. NIHVA values its customers and their businesses and therefore has also built capabilities to provide after sales services. NIHVA is equipped with sophisticated tools and trained engineers to provide quick and efficient service to ensure minimum downtime, prevent unexpected breakdowns and safe work environment. NIHVA maintains all the necessary spares of the products and solutions provided so that in case of any eventuality the downtime is kept minimum. NIHVA’s commitment to service excellence assures preventive maintenance programs for your equipment that will keep it running safely and reliably. with good technological backup and highly trained technicians, NIHVA’s preventive maintenance means fewer callbacks and fewer inconveniences for customers. NIHVA follows a principle of ‘first time right’ for the services provided to their products. with representation in major cities, we can provide services in all the regions of the country.