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NIHVA make battery operated mobile crane (pick and carry crane) is a zero emissions battery powered machine. This battery operated mobile crane (pick and carry crane) has often been used to lift steel beams, machine parts, dies, panels and machinery in confined spaces. It is suitable for use inside & outside of the factory. the battery operated mobile crane (pick and carry crane) is highly manoeuvrable as it is equipped with 180° rear-wheel steering system, making it ideal for working in warehouses, factories and workshops where a traditional forklift cannot provide the capacity or reach. ntmc3000 comes with 3000kgs of lifting power, boom has three hydraulic extensions with 4 meters length and can lift to a 6 metre lifting height. Techno lift make battery operated mobile crane (pick and carry crane) has first class safety features, includes an optional radio remote control and rear camera for moving the crane around the site with incredible precision

  • Machinery removal and relocations
  • Machinery maintenance and repair
  • Marble and stone
  • Defense
  • Marin industries
  • Power plants and nuclear power stations
  • Automotive industries
  • Paper and textile industries
  • Curtain walling installation
  • Steelwork installation
  • Pipe and fittings manufacturers
  • General industrial lifting
  • Construction site operations
  • Operations in manufacturing facilities and factories
  • Working in the utilities sector – in power plants and water treatment facilities
  • Lifting in sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals, museums and retail stores
  • Industrial lifting in dockyards and marinas
  • Aircraft maintenance in hangars
  • Railways maintenance