Automatic Red And white Stainless Steel NIHVA Boom Barriers
Automatic Boom Barrier
Responsive Boom Barriers

Boom barrier suitable for a range of larger openings from 1 – 12 meter and is ideal solution for toll collections, control of roads & parking areas for public places & industrial areas. available for boom length up to 8 mtrs. opening upto 16 meter can be covered with two barriers operating as master/slave it is available in blend design and modern technologies of illumination with in-built flashing light, round tubular bar and telescopic boom as well. all barriers are suitable for outdoor application with ip 54 protection class. accessories such as photocell , loop sensor , flashing light , remote sensor , rack , mobile support articulation provision making it ideal for any application. compact size and extremely smooth operation, reliable and maintenance free. robust steel structure and its scratch proof coating