design and engineering services

NIHVA recognizes customer demands and provides value-added services in design and engineering.
we would like to get associated with you and your project from the planning phase to provide you efficient and cost effective solutions. we are associated with organizations which provide all the technical support to us and thus we can provide a solution practically for any application.
we are equipped with a team of specialists which is available to work with you at anytime, anywhere, to analyze your needs thoroughly and advise you an appropriate solution. further the team is equipped with cad and other mechanical design aids. this enables us in innovation with optimization of costs
design services are offered for engineering, re-engineering, up-gradation of designs, for better reliability and sustainability.
our designers go through the building layouts, analyze the need, understand the requirements and provide you optimum solutions apt for the project. this includes applicability, maintainability, sustainability and economics. there is a range of standard solutions availability to meet almost all your needs however if need arises we can also design a customized solution meeting the exact needs of your project.

with such capabilities we at NIHVA are able to service the following industry domains