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Hangar doors are an integral part of every aviation operation’s on-time performance capability. to fulfill their role, they must work quickly and with maximum reliability throughout many years of operation.
But these are just the operational considerations. in addition, they must fullfill expectations in a range of other important areas:

  • Design and function – optimize hangar design to ensure maximum usable hangar and ramp space while also fullfilling aesthetic and financial requirements.
  • Energy and ergonomy – minimize heat loss (or gain) while providing a viable working environment for demanding tasks.
  • Safety and security – ensure safe conditions without excessive maintenance demands, and reduce risk of bird infestations.
  • Regulations – help you to meet requirements that will enable your facility to gain faa and/or easa approval.

Few suppliers can meet all these demands, and even fewer can do so when the door opening is very large. Fortunately, megadoor can answer your access need, regardless of door opening size, as well as fully satisfy all your requirements – from accessibility and economy to security and comfort. and megadoor’s skilled, experienced engineers are ready to support you throughout the process, from site analysis and engineering specification to installation, commis-sioning and service support. If it works right, it’s not there when they function as they should, hangar doors create no barrier or delay to your workflow. Yet they must simultaneously protect against weather, support indoor temperatures and secure against intrusion.

The megadoor® vertical lifting fabric door does this on a truly large scale. With practically no size limitations whatsoever, it permits quick and easy passage whether you are operating wide body a380s and 747s, corporate business jets, military transporters or the very latest fighter aircraft. It’s built to take the strain the megadoor vertical lifting fabric door was originally designed for industrial environments requiring very large door openings, and which exposed doors to high wind loads, temperature extremes and harsh environments. This makes it particularly suitable for aircraft hangars. The safety level is high, with a built-in safety monitoring system and door arrestors. it is extremely wind-resistant, due to its unique design and structure.

the megadoor vertical lifting fabric door offers:

  • Fast, reliable performance, even in the harshest operating environments.
  • Excellent air tightness & wind resistance.
  • Long lifetime. low operating cost.
  • Minimal maintenance needs. easy to repair.
  • Multiple control alternatives. high safety level.
  • No floor tracks.

new builds as well retrofits

A megadoor solution is not only the best choice for new hangar door installations. it is also the best way to bring older hangars into the modern age, ensuring that their door closures fulfill the strin¬gent requirements of faa and ease regulations. In many cases, by adding an extension to the front of the hangar, it is possible to accommodate larger aircraft, thus generating additional income and faster return on investment.