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Revolving doors are ideal when climate control is a priority. available in two-, three- and four-wing models, they guide traffic flow while providing superior separation of indoor and outdoor environments.

1.High-capacity revolving doors

Two-wing besamuniturn revolving door

The high-capacity revolving door besamuniturn creates a larger door compartment area capable of accommodating shopping and luggage carts, wheelchairs and large numbers of users with ease. the besamuniturn provides excellent separation of the interior and exterior environments, reducing heating and/or cooling losses.

Safety compliance

The besamuniturn is fully compliant with en 16005 safety standard.

Besam rd3l high-capacity three wing revolving door

The besam rd3l creates a spacious and welcoming entrance that can accommodate shopping trolleys, luggage carts and wheelchairs with ease. the full rotating ceiling ensures even lighting and eliminates brush marks, while hidden sensors allow for an uncluttered presentation and clean lines throughout. The besam rd3l’s patented drive mechanism is located in the periphery of the drum, reducing stress on the drive itself and resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Safety compliance

The besam rd3l complies with: machinery directive (2006/42/ec), low voltage directive (2006/95/ec), electromagnetic compatibility directive (2004/108/ec) and requirements according to din 18650, en 16005.

2.Compact revolving doors

The compact besam revolving doors create attractive entrances that combine the climate-control advantages of a revolving door with the security and convenience of an automatic door.

3.All-glass revolving doors

The beautiful besam all-glass revolving doors, are versatile in size and with full access control as an option.

4.Access-controlled revolving doors

The access-controlled revolving doors are designed to handle the demands of restricted access in one or two directions.