High Performance Door RapidRoll-3000 Series
RapidRoll-300 High Speed Door
Albany RapidRoll 3000 - Insulated high speed door
High Speed Door Slats with vision panels or transparent PVC sections

RapidRoll 3000 series combine the greatest functionality with modern design. their outstanding engineering makes the doors extremely fast, safe, robust and guarantees an extremely long service life with low maintenance needs.
the rapidroll3000 is available in various versions in addition to the standard version illustrated: the rapidroll3000 gl is used in application with need for very high transparency. there is a wide range of accessories to customize the doors.
along with the basic model of rapidroll 3000 series, the rapidroll 3000 gl offers maximum transparency and translucency that is > 70%, large, crystal-clear polycarbonate pc panes, set inanodized aluminum profiles that is ideal for use in showrooms

application and basic features

  • Exterior or interior doorideal for use in showrooms
  • High opening speed
  • High wind class
  • Double-walled aluminum slat curtain, optionally with windows or perforated slats for ventilation
  • Good noise insulation
  • Optionally also available asa laser protection door


The door is designed according to the workplace directive of the uvv regulations and the harmonized ce guidelines including the en 13241-1.