High Performance Door Systems with innovative DiscDrive Technology
High Speed Doors

The rapidroll 392 is a robust industrial door that offers good value for money that is self-opening (depending on door size) once the brake has been released by the built-in counterweights. it comes with an optional knock-out capability available.


  • Curtain guides in the side frames protect the material and offer
  • High wind resistance and a long service life
  • Fast opening and closing minimizes energy and temperature loss
  • Door curtain made of high-transparency pvc or very rigid rolltexplus for extreme mechanical demands
  • Robust industry standard at attractive value for money
  • Solid basic design that can be upgraded individually as required


  • Exterior door to prevent drafts and for access control.
  • Room and environment divider to save energy indoors.
  • Busy transport locks.


  • Self-supporting, easy-to-install design of bevel-edged steel profiles. a counterbalance in the form of counterweights is integrated in the side frames. the top roll is made of aluminum for doors up to 4500 mm wide and steel for wider doors. the bottom profile is made of aluminum and can be fitted with an optional knockout capability.