Hygienic High Speed Doors
RapidRoll-300 High Speed Door
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Hygienic High Speed Doors in India

The rapidroll clean is certified doors for clean room applications. it fulfills international standards and guidelines for clean room applications with low particle emission and low air exchange thanks to fast opening and closing speed


  • Well suited to cleanroom isolation in accordance with international standards
  • Provides high air-tightness and keeps the pressure drop through the closed door at a minimum
  • Fast opening and closing ensures very low air loss and minimize air exchange, which results in a low filter burden and increased cleanroom cost-effectiveness
  • Integrated cable guide for a smooth overall surface
  • Contactless actuator (optional) enables fast, hygienic opening with a simple hand motion
  • Integrated traffic light (optional)


Production in a controlled environment, such as a clean room environment, is common practice in many industries. some examples are medical applications, pharmaceutical production, research, electronics production, semiconductor production, and space flight.


The entire door (side frame, motor and roll cover, and bottom profile) is made from stainless steel. the smooth surface facilitates easy cleaning and avoids the accumulation of particle deposits.the cable guide is integrated. gaskets and sealing are used to minimize air leakage.