High speed roll up freezer doors
High speed roll up freezer doors

Fresh produce, whether vegetables or fruit, and deep-frozen food must be transported from the producer to the consumer in an unbroken cold chain. Likewise, it is important to store products correctly in climate-controlled warehouses which require high energy consumption.In these areas, Albany rapid roll freeze is the door to use. The Albany rapid roll freeze is a high-speed roll-up door with a flexible insulated curtain that was developed specifically for refrigeration and deep-freeze applications. the main function in these areas is reducing temperature losses thereby saving energy costs.

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  • Ideal for use between heated and refrigerated/chilled areas
  • Temperature range −40°c / +40°c
  • Insulated door curtain, the curtain is closely guided
  • Optional heated side frames and bottom plates
  • Fast opening and closing keeps the exchange of energy low which improves the efficiency of the cold storage room
  • Quiet operation, motor safety brake