Rigid high speed roll-up door with aluminum slats
Automatic Aluminum Hard Rigid High Speed Rapid Rolling Shutter Door, RapidRoll3000 Doors.
Rigid High Speed Door
NIHVA RapidRoll 3000 rigid - High Speed Door
Rigid High Speed Roller Shutter Fast, Safe, Robust Doors
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fast, safe, robust and functional albany rigid exterior doors

Albany rr3000 series combine the greatest functionality with modern design. their outstanding engineering makes the doors extremely fast, safe, robust and guarantees an extremely long service life with low maintenance needs. the stylish modern design, achieved by using polished aluminium slats and large windows, ensures an attractive appearance and perfect integration into building facades. the albany rr3000 series is available in various versions in addition to the standard version illustrated: the albany rr3000 r for tight spaces, the albany rr3000 vision for very high transparency, the albany rr3000 xxl for large openings, the albany rr3000 hurricane for critical wind resistance areas and the albany rr3000 iso for enhanced insulation.

albany rr3000 iso

The albany rr3000 iso insulated high speed door combines the superior thermal performance of a sectional door with the fast speeds and operational efficiency of a high performance door. this next generation, hybrid solution from assa abloy entrance systems opens and closes with maximum speed and minimum energy loss. albany rr3000 iso is the perfect choice for distribution centers, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. for distributors, logistic centers, public facility warehouses, general manufactures and much more – the albany rr3000 iso can be suited for highly specific and complex business requirements. the 50 mm thick thermal insulated door panel keeps indoor conditions stable and outdoor weather where it belongs. improved sealing around the perimeter of the door limits air leakage and helps support an increased u-value. the albany rr3000 iso can optimize the energy-performance of any building and help you meet your sustainability goals. plus, it’s attractive, modern design can enhance a building’s facade.