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Automatic sliding gates in india NIHVA technologies pvt ltd includes a wide range of sliding gates like :

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cantilever sliding gates

Being a trendsetter, we realize the need of our customers and focus on providing them an improved product in the league of automated entrance system. with this goal NIHVA technologies pvt ltd comes out with an improvised solution called automated cantilever sliding gates which are a new value added product in the range of standard sliding gates. cantilever sliding gates have better operation, functioning and looks due to its modern technology and improved reverse motion mechanism. these gates are introduced with an aim to overcome the shortcomings of standard sliding gates and grow in terms of new trend & modern technology. our cantilever sliding gates are supported on only one end, the roadway is free of track & supported by rollers which slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate. supported at one end and held inches above the ground surface, they are the perfect solution where the road ways are uneven or where no obstruction is required on the ground as you do not need to do uphill struggle to do the civil foundation.


telescopic sliding gates

In situations where a single side sliding arrangement to install the conventional sliding gates is not possible due to very less or no run-back, telescopic sliding gate system is the perfect solution for extra wide opening areas. they are manufactured in two, three or more gate panels and therefore reduce the required back run/parking space. with multiple leaves moving simultaneous, the opening speed/travelling speed of the gate increases drastically. each leaf of the telescopic gate moves at a different speed so that the final position is reached simultaneously, operated by specially design telescopic mechanism. the telescopic gates are manufactured as to specific site requirements; they are suitable for medium to heavy duty applications.

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swing gates

Spaces where driveway access is critical NIHVA technologies pvt ltd swing gates are the ideal alternatives. these are probably the most popular & widely used of all, as they present well and are very functional. they are ideal where. the gates can be designed to swing either inward or outward. we manufacture a precision range of automatic swing gates in different compact designs, tolerances which are extremely easy to install. these are provided with self-locking electromechanical operator and specifically designed to suit all architectural designs ideally our all automatic swing gates are set up on a structural metal frame; good quality pivots (hinges) or wheels

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