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Solutions for Warehouse and Docking Challenges

solutions for warehouse and docking challenges

Author: NIHVA Technologies
Date - 14-12-2020

Different companies have specific warehousing and docking requirements. These companies or organizations may belong to different industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food, cold chain, and more. Warehousing and storage facilities are an integral part of logistic companies. The access points to any storage facility are warehouse docks. The warehouse loading dock is the area of the warehouse where goods are loaded and unloaded onto or from the storage facility. In this blog, we will discuss the various challenges faced by warehouses, and the warehouse and docking solutions, that enhance warehouse management.

What are the challenges faced by Warehouses?

The challenges faced by warehouses are many and varied. The common challenges include redundant processes,rigid and restrained warehouse layouts, inaccessible inventory, suboptimal picking, and transportation problems. Additionally, varying dock heights, door size, and width of the warehouse facility cause an impact on the loading and unloading of goods from/onto trucks of different sizes. With a focus on global supply chains increasing, automation plays a vital factor in material handling.

  • 1. Loading and unloading processes

    The first challenge faced by warehouse owners or managers is concerning the loading and unloading processes of goods. Injuries or fatalities affects the safety of warehouse managers and employees. The Innovative docking solutions and mechanized loading and unloading processes such as Dock levelers, telescopic conveyors are employed for this purpose. NIHVA's docking and warehousing solutions incorporate safety, speed, and efficiency.

    Manual loading and unloading processes

    Manual handling is an integral part of the activities performed by workers in a warehouse or storage facility. They are involved in the loading and unloading of goods into and onto transport vehicles.


    • Manual handling is essential when automated systems malfunction.


    • Costs of injury to workers due to unfavorable ergonomic conditions
    • Errors and inaccuracies in locating, retrieving, and storing goods
    • Low productivity

    Mechanized loading and unloading systems

    The mechanized loading and unloading systems used are conveyors, levelers, pallet wrappers, etc. There are some pros and cons associated with the automated loading and unloading systems.


    • Less use of forklifts and the need to maintain them
    • Decreased Labor cost as there is minimum manual handling of goods
    • Enhanced safety
    • Less congestion around the docking area
    • Increased productivity


    • More expensive Automated equipment than manual equipment
    • Possibility of downtime due to malfunctions or breakdown of equipment
    • High maintenance costs of automated equipment

    Automated loading and unloading systems in the warehouses are

    Dock leveler

    A dock leveler is an adjustable mechanized platform, which can beincreased, lowered, or tilted. It connects the dock to the vehicle platformthat allows forklifts to access the dock and load goods. Due to the weightof the cargo, trailers, or trucks' height changes when loading or unloadingtheir cargo. To compensate for this height variation, dock levelers are thebest solution, as they provide seamless and safe transportation to andfrom the warehouse, without damage to goods or workers.


    Image 1: Dock leveler

    Telescopic conveyor

    It comprises several steel sections having a slider bed design, usually placed just after the dock leveler connected to the trailer. It is an extendable conveyor used for loading and unloading containers faster, easier, and safer. They are ideal for loose items, parcels, or unconventionally shaped goods. NIHVA's telescopic conveyors are ideal for large-sized logistic areas.

    telescopic belt conveyer

    Image 2: Telescopic belt conveyor

  • 2. Weather conditions affecting cargo

    The goods and equipment in warehouses can be affected by adverse weather conditions. Floods, earthquakes, avalanches, and other harsh weather conditions affect the delivery of goods and equipment in thewarehouse. It becomes a logistical nightmare for warehouse owners. The transport of cargo and its loading and unloading in the dock area is essential. Docking solutions are available to warehouses. These are in theform of Dock shelters, Load house, High-Speed doors

    Dock shelters

    Dock shelters are structures that seal the space between the loading dock of the warehouse and the trailer or truck. Dock shelters protect goods and equipment during the loading and unloading process in adverse climatic conditions such as heavy rains, snow, or storm. These dock shelters are suitable for all sizes of vehicles and protect goods from environmental damage. NIHVA gives you the choice of curtain and inflatable dockshelters for a range of vehicle sizes and industrial applications.

    dock shelter

    Image 3: Dock shelte

    Load house

    Another docking solution to warehouse loading and unloading problems is the Load house. Load houses provide insulation solutions to the docking bay with a dock leveler, dock shelter, and sectional door. They are useful in thermally controlled buildings, where the temperature variation between the building and docking bay has to be maintained. Moreover, the use of Loadhouses is essential, where the warehouse layout is small or restricted. NIHVA offers Crawford LH6080L Load house for your warehouse loading dock challenges

    load house

    Image 4: load-house

    Solutions to warehouse problems provided by experts

    Experts at NIHVA provide solutions to the warehouse problems. Our wide range of docking solutions such as Dock levelers, Dock shelters, Loadhouses not only help in minimizing the hurdles faced during loading and unloading goods and equipment but also in protecting damage caused to the goods/equipment. NIHVA's best-in-class automated solutions are fit for various factories and warehouses across industries.

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