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What and Why of Fire-rated Doors

what and Why of fire rated doors

Author: NIHVA Technologies
Date - 28-11-2020

A fire can break out without warning at a place of business. The safety of human life is of prime importance in such cases and decision-makers need to install the right safety equipment to ensure the safety of their employees. In many cases, fire-rated doors can also be useful for safeguarding property, materials, and products from fire. For this reason, fire-rated safety doors are beneficial to adhere to occupational safety standards. In this blog, we introduce you to fire-rated doors and some of their important features.

Features of Fire-rated Doors

There are many considerations while selecting a fire-rated door for your premises. Material, hardware, accessories, mechanism, etc. need to be studied before making the right choice. After all, fire safety is a critical topic that can end up saving lives as well as property in case of a mishap. Let's look at some of the key features that can help you decide on the selection of the right fire-rated door.

  • 1. Door frame and leaf

    Fire-rated doors can be made up of various materials including steel, wood, and aluminum. Steel can withstand fire for longer periods compared to wood or aluminum. Therefore steel doors have a higher safety rating compared to other materials. Of course, steel doors do come at a price. You will need to strike a balance between budgets and safety requirements for your premises while making the choice. NIHVA Fire rated doors are made of 1.20 mm GI sheet that guarantees 120 mins protection.
    steel fire rated door

    Figure 1: Steel Fire-rated door

  • 2. Hardware

    Fire-rated doors are fitted with metal hinges that keep the door in position during a fire. Also, fire-rated doors are kept closed in event of a fire with a door closer or spring hinge. In the case of sliding fire rated doors, hardware like track, brackets, hangers, fusible link, and wire rope are needed. The door opening and closing system may be electric, in which case electromagnetic hold open device, smoke detectors, and battery back up is required. It is important to check that your vendor is providing certified fire-rated hardware that promises safety in the event of a fire. This will ensure the safety of your employees and property. NIHVA guarantees well-tested and certified hardware in all fire-rated door variants.

  • 3. Accessories

    Accessories for fire-rated doors include locks, handle sets, and panic exit devices. These are crucial components of the fire-rated door as their real test is at the time of a fire. The latch of the lock is responsible for keeping the door closed during the fire. Handle sets and panic exit devices ensure the safe exit of people from the affected area. All these accessories need to be heavy-duty and certified so that you can be sure of their reliable performance in case of an emergency. With NIHVA's fire-rated doors you get unfailing fire protection, aesthetic look, and burglary protection. Vision panels and Wicket (access) door are also available in multiple variants.

  • 4. Intumescent Seals

    Intumescent fire seals are installed at the frames of fire-rated doors. In the event of a fire, these seals expand due to a rise in temperature and seal the gaps between the doors and walls. This keeps the smoke and fire contained in the specified area. This serves as a combined fire and smoke containment feature of a fire-rated door that helps in preventing the spread of fire. NIHVA ensures that intumescent seals are properly installed for all fire-rated doors to enhance the performance during fires.

    Trust the experts on Fire-rated Doors

    Making the right choice for a fire-rated door can be an overwhelming responsibility as there is a lot at stake. It is always advisable to employ the services of industry experts while selecting and installing something as important as fire-rated doors. NIHVA offers advisory services in addition to world-class fire-rated door products for your requirements. NIHVA is also a proud partner of Teckentrup (UK) to provide you the best in class fire-rated door safety adhering to European Security Standard EN1627 achieving RC2, RC3 & RC4 ratings. You can trust our years of expertise in the industry for end-to-end services from door selection, understanding fire safety norms, budgetary requirements to installation and servicing.

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